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    • Advancing Marine Biological Observations and Data Requirements of the Complementary Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) and Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) Frameworks. 

      Muller-Karger, Frank E.; Miloslavich, Patricia; Bax, Nicholas J.; Simmons, Samantha; Costello, Mark J.; Pinto, Isabel Sousa; Canonico, Gabrielle; Turner, Woody; Gill, Michael; Montes, Enrique; Best, Benjamin D.; Pearlman, Jay; Halpin, Patrick; Dunn, Daniel; Benson, Abigail; Martin, Corinne S.; Weatherdon, Lauren V.; Appeltans, Ward; Provoost, Pieter; Klein, Eduardo; Kelble, Christopher R.; Miller, Robert J.; Chavez, Francisco P.; Iken, Katrin; Chiba, Sanae; Obura, David; Navarro, Laetitia M.; Pereira, Henrique M.; Allain, Valerie; Batten, Sonia; Benedetti-Checchi, Lisandro; Duffy, J. Emmett; Kudela, Raphael M.; Rebelo, Lisa-Maria; Shin, Yunne; Geller, Gary (2018)
      Measurements of the status and trends of key indicators for the ocean and marine life are required to inform policy and management in the context of growing human uses of marine resources, coastal development, and climate ...
    • Essential biodiversity variables for mapping and monitoring species populations. 

      Jetz, Walter; McGeoch, Melodie A.; Guralnick, Robert; Ferrier, Simon; Beck, Jan; Costello, Mark J.; Fernandez, Miguel; Geller, Gary N.; Keil, Petr; Merow, Cory; Meyer, Carsten; Muller-Karger, Frank E.; Pereira, Henrique M.; Regan, Eugenie C.; Schmeller, Dirk S.; Turak, Eren (2019)
      Species distributions and abundances are undergoing rapid changes worldwide. This highlights the significance of reliable, integrated information for guiding and assessing actions and policies aimed at managing and ...
    • Evaluation of Filtration and DNA Extraction Methods for Environmental DNA Biodiversity Assessments across Multiple Trophic Levels. 

      Djurhuus, Anni; Port, Jesse; Closek, Collin J.; Yamahara, Kevan M.; Romero-Maraccini, Ofelia; Walz, Kristine R.; Goldsmith, Dawn B.; Michisaki, Reiko; Breitbart, Mya; Boehm, Alexandria B.; Chavez, Francisco P. (2017)
      Metabarcoding of marine environmental DNA (eDNA), originating from tissue, cells, or extracellular DNA, offers the opportunity to survey the biological composition of communities across multiple trophic levels from a ...