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    • Disrupting data sharing for a healthier ocean. 

      Pendleton, Linwood H.; Beyer, Hawthorne; Estradivari; Grose, Susan O.; Hoegh-Guldberg, Ove; Karcher, Denis B.; Kennedy, Emma; Llewellyn, Lyndon; Nys, Cecile; Shapiro, Aurelie; Jain, Rahul; Kuc, Katarzyna; Leatherland, Terry; O’Hainnin, Kira; Olmedo, Guillermo; Seow, Lynette; Tarsel, Mick (2019)
      Ocean ecosystems are in decline, yet we also have more ocean data, and more data portals, than ever before. To make effective decisions regarding ocean management, especially in the face of global environmental change, we ...