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    • Collaboration in the Ocean Sciences: best practices and common pitfalls. 

      Briscoe, M.G (2008)
      As collaboration among ocean scientists becomes more necessary and common, those who attempt to plan, organize, and implement joint research projects are discovering that collaboration is more difficult than they first ...
    • Disrupting data sharing for a healthier ocean. 

      Pendleton, Linwood H.; Beyer, Hawthorne; Estradivari; Grose, Susan O.; Hoegh-Guldberg, Ove; Karcher, Denis B.; Kennedy, Emma; Llewellyn, Lyndon; Nys, Cecile; Shapiro, Aurelie; Jain, Rahul; Kuc, Katarzyna; Leatherland, Terry; O’Hainnin, Kira; Olmedo, Guillermo; Seow, Lynette; Tarsel, Mick (2019)
      Ocean ecosystems are in decline, yet we also have more ocean data, and more data portals, than ever before. To make effective decisions regarding ocean management, especially in the face of global environmental change, we ...
    • Environmental Data Management Best Practices - basic concepts. Version 1. 

      St Lawrence Global Observatory (St Lawrence Global Observatory, Rimouski, Québec,Canada, 2015)
      Overview of environmental data management principles, methods and resources intended for SLGO members and partners in order to provide basic notions to contribute to better understanding of the data life cycle and to foster ...
    • The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. 

      Wilkinson, Mark D.; Dumontier, Michel; Aalbersberg, IJsbrand Jan; Appleton, Gabrielle; Axton, Myles; Baak, Arie; Blomberg, Niklas; Boiten, Jan-Willem; Bonino da Silva Santos, Luiz; Bourne, Philip E.; Bouwman, Jildau; Brookes, Anthony J.; Clark, Tim; Crosas, Mercè; Dillo, Ingrid; Dumon, Olivier; Edmunds, Scott; Evelo, Chris T.; Finkers, Richard; Gonzalez-Beltran, Alejandra; Gray, Alasdair J.G.; Groth, Paul; Goble, Carole; Grethe, Jeffrey S.; Heringa, Jaap; ’t Hoen, Peter A.C.; Hooft, Rob; Kuhn, Tobias; Kok, Ruben; Kok, Joost; Lusher, Scott J.; Martone, Maryann E.; Mons, Albert; Packer, Abel L.; Persson, Bengt; Rocca-Serra, Philippe; Roos, Marco; van Schaik, Rene; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta; Schultes, Erik; Sengstag, Thierry; Slater, Ted; Strawn, George; Swertz, Morris A.; Thompson, Mark; van der Lei, Johan; van Mulligen, Erik; Velterop, Jan; Waagmeester, Andra; Wittenburg, Peter; Wolstencroft, Katherine; Zhao, Jun; Mons, Barend (2016)
      There is an urgent need to improve the infrastructure supporting the reuse of scholarly data. A diverseset of stakeholders—representing academia, industry, funding agencies, and scholarly publishers—have come together to ...
    • Guide to Best Practices for Ocean CO2 Measurements. 

      Dickson, A G; Sabine, C L; Christian, J R (North Pacific Marine Science Organization, Sidney, British Columbia, 2007)
      The collection of extensive, reliable, oceanic carbon data was a key component of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) and World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) and continues to be a cornerstone of the ...
    • Installation of autonomous underway pCO2 instruments onboard ships of opportunity. 

      Pierrot, D.; Steinhoff, T. (NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, Miami, Florida, 2019)
      The oceans are the largest sustained sink of anthropogenic carbon with a flux into the ocean of about 2.4 1015 grams, or 2.4 gigatons, of carbon annually, thereby partially mitigating the rapid increase of this climate-forcing ...
    • IQOE ‐ Inventory of existing standards for observations of sound in the ocean. Draft. Version 06 April 2018. 

      International Quiet Ocean Experiment WG on Standardization (International Quiet Ocean Experiment, 2018)
      The overview below presents international and national standards relevant for observations of sound in the ocean
    • The Law of the Sea: Marine Scientific Research. A revised guide to the implementation of the relevant provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. 

      United Nations (United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea Office of Legal Affairs, New York, 2010)
      The 1991 Guide “Marine Scientific Research: A Guide to the implementation of the relevant provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” advises States of the means by which articles in the Convention could ...
    • Maritime Sensor Technologies for the European Market: Research, Development and Implementation. Good practice guide. 

      McMeel, Oonagh; Eparkhina, Dina (COLUMBUS Project / EuroGOOS, Brussels, Belgium, 2018)
      This COLUMBUS guide was developed as a result of discussions with COLUMBUS and AtlantOS project partners, speakers and participants at the COLUMBUS Brokerage Events ‘Knowledge Transfer in Maritime Sensing ...
    • Methods and Best Practice to Intercompare Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Fluorometers/Turbidimeters for Oceanographic Applications. 

      Pensieri, Sara; Bozzano, Roberto; Schiano, M. Elisabetta; Ntoumas, Manolis; Potiris, Emmanouil; Frangoulis, Constantin; Podaras, Dimitrios; Petihakis, George (2016)
      In European seas, ocean monitoring strategies in terms of key parameters, space and time scale vary widely for a range of technical and economic reasons. Nonetheless, the growing interest in the ocean interior promotes ...
    • Monitoring guidance for marine benthic habitats. 

      Noble-James, T.; Jesus, A.; McBreen, F. (JNCC: Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough, UK, 2017)
      Marine benthic monitoring programmes produce evidence against which to evaluate the cause and direction of change in the marine environment. They can also inform which management measures are appropriate, and determine ...
    • Planning a Sustainable Future for Earth’s Oceans. 

      Van Stavel, Jordan; Karstensen, Johannes; Hermes, Juliet; Pearlman, Jay (2020)
      Ocean experts are engaged in a long-term effort to envision, develop, and implement best practices for meeting today’s needs while preserving ocean resources for future generations.
    • SDG Indicator 14.4.1 - Fish stocks sustainability. [Training course] 

      Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (FAO e-Learning Centre, Rome, Italy, 2019)
      This course focuses on SDG Indicator 14.4.1 - Fish stocks sustainability: “Proportion of fish stocks within biologically sustainable levels”. It introduces basic fisheries concepts and definitions, illustrates some technical ...
    • World Ocean Database 2013 Tutorial. 

      Johnson, D.R.; Garcia, H.E.; Boyer, T.P. (NOAA Printing Office, Silver Spring, MD, 2013)
      The purpose of this informal tutorial is to introduce new users to the World Ocean Database 2013 (WOD13), outline the WOD13 environment, and to provide step-by-step examples of: 1) how to select WOD13 online data by ...
    • World Ocean Database 2013 User’s Manual. 

      Johnson, D.R.; Boyer, T.P.; Garcia, H.E.; Locarnini, R.A.; Baranova, O.K.; Zweng, M.M. (NOAA Printing Office, Silver Spring, MD, 2013)
      World Ocean Database 2013 (WOD13) is a scientifically quality-controlled database of selected historical in-situ surface and subsurface oceanographic measurements produced by the Ocean Climate Laboratory (OCL) at the ...
    • World Ocean Database 2013. 

      Boyer, T.P.; Antonov, J.I.; Baranova, O.K.; Coleman, C.; Garcia, H.E.; Grodsky, A.; Johnson, D.R.; Locarnini, R.A.; Mishonov, A.V.; O'Brien, T.D.; Paver, C.R.; Reagan, J.R.; Seidov, D.; Smolyar, I.V.; Zweng, M.M. (NOAA Printing Office, Silver Spring, MD, 2013)
      This atlas describes a collection of scientifically quality-controlled ocean profile and plankton data that includes measurements of temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, nitrate, silicate, ...