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    • Methods for biogeochemical studies of sea ice: the state of the art, caveats, and recommendations. 

      Miller, Lisa A.; Fripiat, Francois; Else, Brent G.T; Bowman, Jeff S.; Brown, Kristina A.; Collins, R. Eric; Ewert, Marcela; Fransson, Agneta; Gosselin, Michel; Lannuzel, Delphine; Meiners, Klaus M.; Michel, Christine; Nishioka, Jun; Nomura, Daiki; Papadimitriou, Stathys; Russell, Lynn M.; Sørensen, Lise Lotte; Thomas, David N.; Tison, Jean- Louis; Leeuwe, Maria A. van; Vancoppenolle, Martin; Wolff, Eric W.; Zhou, Jiayun (2015)
      Over the past two decades, with recognition that the ocean’s sea-ice cover is neither insensitive to climate change nor a barrier to light and matter, research in sea-ice biogeochemistry has accelerated significantly, ...