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    • SCOR WG149 Handbook to support the SCOR Best Practice Guide for Multiple Drivers Marine Research. 

      Boyd, P.W.; Collins, S.; Dupont, S.; Fabricius, K.; Gattuso, J-P.; Havenhand, J.; Hutchins, D.A.; McGraw, C.M.; Riebesell, U.; Vichi, M.; Biswas, H.; Ciotti, A.; Dillingham, P.; Gao, K.; Gehlen, M.; Hurd, C.L.; Kurihawa, H.; Navarro, J.; Nilsson, G.E.; Passow, U.; Portner, H-O. (University of Tasmania for Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), Hobart, Tasmania, 2019)
      Marine species and ecosystems are exposed to a wide range of environmental change – both detrimental (threats) and beneficial – due to human activities. Some of the changes are global, whereas others are regional or ...