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  • The KPP Boundary Layer Scheme for the Ocean: Revisiting Its Formulation and Benchmarking One-Dimensional Simulations Relative to LES. 

    Roekel, Luke Van; Adcroft, Alistair J.; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Griffies, Stephen M.; Kauffman, Brian; Large, William; Levy, Michael; Reichl, Brandon G.; Ringler, Todd; Schmidt, Martin (2018)
    We evaluate the Community ocean Vertical Mixing project version of the K-profile parameterization (KPP) for modeling upper ocean turbulent mixing. For this purpose, one-dimensional KPP simulations are compared across a ...
  • Planning a sustainable future for Earth's oceans 

    Van Stavel, Jordan; Karstensen, Johannes; Hermes, Juliet; Pearlman, Jay (2020-08-25)
    Ocean experts are engaged in a long-term effort to envision, develop, and implement best practices for meeting today’s needs while preserving ocean resources for future generations.....
  • Test for version control, Version 2 

    Simpson, P. (2222)
  • A field and video annotation guide for baited remote underwater stereo-video surveys of demersal fish assemblages. [GOOS ENDORSED PRACTICE] 

    Langlois, Tim; Goetze, Jordan S.; Bond, Todd; Monk, Jacquomo; Abesamis, Rene A.; Asher, Jacob; Barrett, Neville; Bernard, Anthony T.F.; Bouchet, Phil J.; Birt, Matthew J.; Cappo, Mike; Currey-Randall, Leanne M.; Driessen, Damon; Fairclough, David V.; Fullwood, Laura A. F.; Gibbons, Brooke A.; Harasti, David; Heupel, Michelle R.; Hicks, Jamie; Holmes, Thomas H.; Huveneers, Charlie; Ierodiaconou, Daniel; Jordan, Alan; Knott, Nathan A.; Lindfield, Steve; Malcolm, Hamish A.; McLean, Dianne; Meekan, Mark; Miller, David; Mitchell, Peter J.; Newman, Stephen J.; Radford, Ben; Rolim, Fernanda A.; Saunders, Benjamin J.; Stowar, Marcus; Smith, Adam N. H.; Travers, Michael J.; Wakefield, Corey B.; Whitmarsh, Sasha K.; Williams, Joel; Harvey, Euan S. (2020)
    1. Baited remote underwater stereo-video systems (stereo-BRUVs) are a popular tool to sample demersal fish assemblages and gather data on their relative abundance and body size structure in a robust, cost-effective and ...
  • Current Best Practices for Generalizing Sensitive Species Occurrence Data. Version 1. 

    Chapman, Arthur D. (Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Secretariat, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020)
    The unprotected distribution of Sensitive Primary Species Occurrence Data (for example the exact localities of rare, endangered or commercially valuable taxa) was a concern of GBIF [] – the Global ...
  • Planet Microbe: a platform for marine microbiology to discover and analyze interconnected ‘omics and environmental data. 

    Ponsero, Alise J.; Bomhoff, Matthew; Blumberg, Kai; Youens-Clark, Ken; Herz, Nina M.; Wood-Charlson, Elisha M.; Delong, Edward F.; Hurwitz, Bonnie L. (2020)
    In recent years, large-scale oceanic sequencing efforts have provided a deeper understanding of marine microbial communities and their dynamics. These research endeavors require the acquisition of complex and varied ...
  • Recommended Best Practices for Regional Fisheries Management Organizations: Report of an independent panel to develop a model for improved governance by Regional Fisheries Management Organizations. 

    Lodge, Michael W.; Anderson, David; Løbach, Terje; Munro, Gordon; Sainsbury, Keith; Willock, Anna (Chatham House, London, UK, 2007)
    One of the great innovations of the UN Fish Stocks Agreement of 1995 was to place regional fi sheries management organizations (RFMOs) at the heart of international fi sheries management. It was hoped that a multilateral ...
  • Best Practices for High Seas Fisheries Management: Lessons Learned. 

    Mooney-Seus, Marjorie L.; Rosenberg, Andrew A. (Chatham House, London, UK, 2007)
    • Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM), used in concert with the Precautionary Approach (PA), shows promise for improving management of marine resources on the high seas. • An examination of the approaches, operational ...
  • FLOWW Best Practice Guidance for Offshore Renewables Developments: Recommendations for Fisheries Liaison. 

    Fishing Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group (FLOWW) (The Crown Estate, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2014)
    The offshore renewables energy sector is developing rapidly to meet the future energy needs of the nation, reduce the nation’s reliance on carbon based fuels and help secure security of supply. As the industry develops, ...
  • Guidelines on how to sync your High Frequency (HF) radar data with the European HF Radar node (Version1.2). 

    Reyes, E.; Rotllán-García, P.; Rubio, A.; Corgnati, L.; Mader, J.; Mantovani, C. (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System, SOCIB, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2020)
    This document is a step-by-step guide to start transferring HF radar (HFR) data from your network to the EU HFR node . The EU HFR node acts as the focal point for the European HFR data providers, implementing the HF ...
  • Impact of HF radar current gap-filling methodologies on the Lagrangian assessment of coastal dynamics. 

    Hernández-Carrasco, Ismael; Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Rubio, Anna; Esnaola, Ganix; Reyes, Emma; Orfila, Alejandro (2018)
    High-frequency radar, HFR, is a cost-effective monitoring technique that allows us to obtain high-resolution continuous surface currents, providing new insights for understanding small-scale transport processes in the ...
  • Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement, 3rd Edition. 

    Ellison, S.L.R.; Williams, A. (Eurachem/CITAC, Teddington, UK, 2012)
    This Guide gives detailed guidance for the evaluation and expression of uncertainty in quantitative chemical analysis, based on the approach taken in the ISO “Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” [H.2]. ...
  • The Application of Uncertainty Quantification Techniques and Information Theory to Oil Spill and Ocean Forecasting. 

    Wang, Shitao (University of Miami (PhD Thesis), Coral Gables, Florida, 2017)
    Quantifying uncertainties in ocean current forecasts is an important component of formulating a response to an oil spill, e.g. to compute the anticipated oil trajectories. Polynomial Chaos (PC) methods have recently been ...
  • Updated methods for global locally interpolated estimation of alkalinity, pH, and nitrate. 

    Carter, B. R.; Feely, R. A.; Williams, N. L.; Dickson, A. G.; Fong, M. B.; Takeshita, Y. (2018)
    We have taken advantage of the release of version 2 of the Global Data Analysis Project data product (Olsen et al. 2016) to refine the locally interpolated alkalinity regression (LIAR) code for global estimation of total ...
  • Expanding Tara Oceans Protocols for Underway, Ecosystemic Sampling of the Ocean-Atmosphere Interface During Tara Pacific Expedition (2016–2018). 

    Gorsky, Gabriel; Bourdin, Guillaume; Lombard, Fabien; Pedrotti, Maria Luiza; Audrain, Samuel; Bin, Nicolas; Boss, Emmanuel; Bowler, Chris; Cassar, Nicolas; Caudan, Loic; Chabot, Genevieve; Cohen, Natalie R.; Cron, Daniel; De Vargas, Colomban; Dolan, John R.; Douville, Eric; Elineau, Amanda; Flores, J. Michel; Ghiglione, Jean Francois; Haëntjens, Nils; Hertau, Martin; John, Seth G.; Kelly, Rachel L.; Koren, Ilan; Lin, Yajuan; Marie, Dominique; Moulin, Clémentine; Moucherie, Yohann; Pesant, Stéphane; Picheral, Marc; Poulain, Julie; Pujo-Pay, Mireille; Reverdin, Gilles; Romac, Sarah; Sullivan, Mathew B.; Trainic, Miri; Tressol, Marc; Troublé, Romain; Vardi, Assaf; Voolstra, Christian R.; Wincker, Patrick; Agostini, Sylvain; Banaigs, Bernard; Boissin, Emilie; Forcioli, Didier; Furla, Paola; Galand, Pierre E.; Gilson, Eric; Reynaud, Stéphanie; Sunagawa, Shinichi; Thomas, Olivier P.; Thurber, Rebecca Lisette Vega; Zoccola, Didier; Planes, Serge; Allemand, Denis; Karsenti, Eric (2019)
    Interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere occur at the air-sea interface through the transfer of momentum, heat, gases and particulate matter, and through the impact of the upper-ocean biology on the composition ...
  • Validation and Intercomparison of Ocean Color Algorithms for Estimating Particulate Organic Carbon in the Oceans. 

    Evers-King, Hayley; Martinez-Vicente, Victor; Brewin, Robert J. W.; Dall’Olmo, Giorgio; Hickman, Anna E.; Jackson, Thomas; Kostadinov, Tihomir S.; Krasemann, Hajo; Loisel, Hubert; Röttgers, Rüdiger; Roy, Shovonlal; Stramski, Dariusz; Thomalla, Sandy; Platt, Trevor; Sathyendranath, Shubha (2017)
    Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) plays a vital role in the ocean carbon cycle. Though relatively small compared with other carbon pools, the POC pool is responsible for large fluxes and is linked to many important ocean ...

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