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dc.identifier.citationIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (1985) Manual on sea level measurement and interpretation.Volume I - Basic procedures. Paris, France, UNESCO, 83pp. (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Manuals and Guide; 14, Vol. 1).
dc.description.abstractThe IOC Assembly at its thirteenth Session by Resolution XIII-7 adopted the proposal for the Global Network of Sea-Level Stations prepared with the assistance of Dr. D. Pugh (U.K.) and Prof. K. Wyrtki, as a basis for an extension under the auspices of IOC of the existing sea-level network (included in the Annex to the Summary Report of the Thirteenth Session of the IOC Assembly). By this resolution Member States were urged to participate in the implementation of the Global Sea-Level Observing System which is required by the oceanographic community for research, in particular, in support of oceanographic experiments and programmes under the World Climate Research Programme, as well as for national practical applications. Similar to other international programmes, this project requires actions on both national and international levels. Preparation of the Manual on Sea-Level Measurement and Interpretation is considered as an important step towards unifying procedures for sea-level measurements and analysis and assisting those Member States who wish to install or reactivate their sea- level stations. This manual has been prepared by the staff of the United Kingdom Institute of Oceanographic Sciences associated with summer courses on sea-level observation and data reduction which have been held under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Although based on U.K. experience, this extends to analyses of records from many types of gauges and many coastal locations around the world. However, in other countries, slightly different procedures may be more appropriate. It is hoped that the material presented here will help countries which are planning national sea-level networks in response to recognised practical and scientific demands, in the spirit of the Resolution XIII-7 of the IOC Assembly of March 1985, which encouraged Member States to develop such networks.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Manuals and Guide; 14, Vol. 1en
dc.titleManual on sea level measurement and interpretation.Volume I - Basic procedures.en
dc.subject.agrovocSea levelen
dc.contributor.corpauthorIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commissionen_US
dc.description.notesDocument available in English.en
dc.publisher.placeParis, Franceen

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