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    • The European HF radar inventory. Publication date 15 Sep 2016 (Updated version 30 Jan 2017). 

      Mader, Julien; Rubio, Anna; Asensio, J.L.; Novellino, Antonio; Alba, Marco; Corgnati, Lorenzo; Mantovani, Carlo; Griffa, Annalisa; Gorringe, Patrick; Fernandez, Vicente (EuroGOOS, 2017)
      The inventory of the different HF radar systems operating in Europe has been gathered thanks to the survey launched by the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team, in the framework of INCREASE and JERICO-NEXT projects. We are very grateful ...
    • HF Radar Activity in European Coastal Seas: Next Steps toward a Pan-European HF Radar Network. 

      Rubio, A.; Mader, J.; Corgnati, L.; Mantovani, C.; Griffa, A.; Novellino, A.; Quentin, C.; Wyatt, L.; Schulz-Stellenfleth, J.; Horstmann, J.; Lorente, P.; Zambianchi, E.; Hartnett, M.; Fernandes, C.; Zervakis, V.; Gorringe, P.; Melet, A.; Puillat, I. (2017)
      High Frequency Radar (HFR) is a land-based remote sensing instrument offering a unique insight to coastal ocean variability, by providing synoptic, high frequency and high resolution data at the ocean atmosphere interface. ...