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    • Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan (CBMP-MARINE PLAN), 

      Gill, M.J.; Crane, K.; Hindrum, R.; Arneberg, P.; Bysveen, I.; Denisenko, N.V.; Gofman, V.; Grant-Friedman, A.; Gudmundsson, G.; Hopcroft, R.R.; Iken, K.; Labansen, A.; Liubina, O.S.; Melnikov, I.A.; Moore, S.E.; Reist, J.D.; Sirenko, B.I.; Stow, J.; Ugarte, F.; Vongraven, D.; Watkins, J. (CAFF International Secretariat, Akureyri, Iceland, 2011)
      Arctic biodiversity is under growing pressure from both climate change and resource development, requiring both managers and users to have access to more complete information to help them make timely and informed conservation ...