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    • Guidelines for applying the IUCN protected area management categories to marine protected areas. Second edition. 

      Day, Jon; Dudley, Nigel; Hockings, Marc; Holmes, Glen; Laffoley, Dan; Stolton, Sue; Wells, Sue; Wenzel, Lauren (IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, 2019)
      The primary purpose of these supplementary guidelines is to increase the accuracy and consistency of assignment and reporting of the IUCN categories when applied to marine and coastal protected areas. To avoid unnecessary ...
    • Large-scale marine protected areas : guidelines for design and management. 

      Lewis, N.; Day, J.C.; Wilhelm, A.; Wagner, D.; Gaymer, C.; Parks, J.; Friedlander, A.; White, S.; Sheppard, C.; Spalding, M.; San Martin, G.; Skeat, A.; Taei, S.; Teroroko, T.; Evans, J. (IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, 2017)
      Although focused on aiding managers, these Guidelines are for anyone involved in supporting LSMPAs or the communities that hold an interest in them. It is hoped these Guidelines will also assist new LSMPAs from the earliest ...